Among the questions I am most often asked - is what tools I use to create my images. I have created this page to share with you the actual products I use, positively love and abso-friggin-lutely swear by. However, it stands to be noted that incredible images can be created on ANY camera - just as a good recipe can be cooked in many kinds of pots. The tools don't make one an artist - the vision, passion and years of trial and error do. Tools can improve the quality, speed of production and all around... just make your life easier. I have included the arsenal of craptacular cameras I used to use - before I met my Canon Mark II DSLR - some of the images I have created, that were my most popular - were done on the otherwise 'bad' cameras.

Don't lose hope if you can't afford the equipment of your dreams yet - work towards it and master what you DO have. Chances are, if you can create compelling works with that - you can create with anything.

Most importantly, love what you do and continually try to learn.

Last Updated: 2/8/2012

-- Always, Chrysti

P.S. I'll be compiling a separate list of what I use for iPhonography, I'll link to it from here once I do!

Digital Cameras:    

My other old digi cams aren't worth linking to!

Film Cameras: 


Lenses + Lens Accessories:




At Home Scanners + Printers:


External Hard Drives & Storage:

Stand Alone Software:

  • The ReName - FREE! Makes it super easy to rename mass amounts of files, which naturally makes me gush over it.


Photoshop Actions: (currently working on the complete list)

I have thousands of actions... thousands upon thousands. I've listed a few of the ones I use most often + find the most valuable below.

Lightroom Presets: (currently working on the complete list)

Textures: (currently working on the complete list)

Camera Bags:


Camera Cleaning Stuff:


Photog Books I Learned Lots From:

Photography Book I Think You'll Learn Lots From:

Photography Books That Inspire Me:

Books I'm Currently Reading/Flipping Through:

Photo Magazines I Subscribe to:

Posing Guides:


Photo Labs:

Film Developing:

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