IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE: this page is currently a work in progress

My email box is often exploding with folks asking what my go-to-must-have-can't-live-without art supplies are. The truth of the matter is, that list is always evolving as I indulge my curious and playful side through a never-ending experimentation of materials. Over the years, I have spent more money than I care to publically admit on supplies - it is my hope, this page helps save you a little bit of time and expense on your artistic journey.

So, this is the stuff I actually use. The stuff I like. The stuff I love.The stuff I'm currently crushing on.

The list will change and evolve as I do.

Last Updated: 10/17/2012

The Basics : (Preperation, adhesives, transfers etc)

For Texture + Special Effects:


Mark-Making & Painting:


Writing Instruments:


For Paper:

In Mixed-Media Paintings:

Miscellaneous Adhesives:





Art Books I've Contributed To Or Written:

Art Books I've Learned Lots From:

Art Books That Make Me Want To Create As Soon As I Pick Them Up:

Art Books That Inspire Me:

* disclosure: if the item is marked with an asterisk - I was given it at some point for free to use, review and/or teach with. However, if it made it to this page I have since bough tmy own! all links to amazon are part of the affiliate program. read this page for full details on my disclosure policies.