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33 Artistic & Free Social Media Icon Sets

If you've been within the vicinity of my house this week, you will have heard the sound of my head madly banging against my desk as I work on the web design for my new site. Today's task was a simpler one... pick & use a social media icon set for my site . Since it has been an extensive search, and we are a community of creative minds - I thought I'd share the most artistic sets I could find for your use on creative websites. 

I chose sets to feature that I could envision placed on creative websites. You know the kind...  collage artists, painters, illustrators, crafters, photographers and so many more. If you know of any other sets, drop me a comment so I can include them!


1. Colorstroked Hand Drawn Set by Mfayaz



2. Hand Drawned - Social Icons by the G-Force



3. Doodle Icon Set by SpoonGraphics



4. PagePeel - A Free Social Media Iconset



5. Extreme Grunge Garments by colaja



6. Handycons 2 - another painterly like set



7.  Origami - A Social Media Set



8. Wooden - By WebToolKit4Me



9. Polaroid Icon Set at Webtoolkit



10. Cheers - For the creative food folks.



11. Social Post Stamps at MarcoFolio




12. Sketchy by plechi



13. Black Paint Splatter by WebTreatsETC



14. Handycons -Hand drawn icon set, looks painterly



15. Denim Jeans by WebTreatsETC



16. Sketchy by Snap2Objects



17. Handy icons at WebDesignerDepot



18. Coffee Stains at WebTreats ETC



19. Woodcut by arsgrafik



20. Old Bottle Crowns by Dawghouse design Studio


21. Woven by Dawghouse Design Studio



 22. Vintage Postage Stamps by Dawghouse Design Studio



23. Van Gogh - for Hongkiat



24. Sewn Badges by Peachpops



25.  Crumpled Paper by WebTreatsETC



26. Magic Marker by WebTreatsETC


27. Grunge Peeling Stickers by Dawghouse Design Studio



28. Watercolor Icon Set



29.  Textured Grass by RichWorks



30. Wild Twist Paw Print pack



31. Sketchy by Dawghouse Design Studio



32. Social Icon Stickers by Cheth Studios



33. Watercolor by WebTreatsETC

So which did I choose? None, yet... I am leaning towards creating my own now!

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