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Easy 2 Minute, 4 Ingredient Mixed-Media Texture (Use in Artography!) Tutorial

This quickie DIY texture (awesome to use in your digital manipulations of photographs) is easy to do and is incredibly versatile when blending with your photographs. Scan the finished product for a high-resolution texture or take a photo of it with your iPhone or other mobile device and use it as a soft texture on your mobile photography! You can create multiple textures by focusing on different parts of the painting when you digitize it. (winning!)

Giveaway, Published & Week 13 of Echo

I interrupt your Thursday with a few bits of fantistical news .. Go, Read On...


The ever-so-delightful Susan Tuttle is celebrating the release of her Second Book this week! She worked so very hard to bring you a book filled to the brim with projects, inspiration and digital how-to's... a must have really, for anyone interested in digital art or photo manipulation. I am thrilled to have a piece featured in her book as well..along with several other amazing contributors. Better yet, she is giving a copy away over on her blog - so be sure to stop by & enter. I also have a few other features currently out:

  • An article/tutorial and artist paper in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio... hurry, before it is off the newstands! I'll also be posting several other tutorials in conjunction with that article on my new site... which i am still slaving away at.
  • Loving my spread in the Summer 2010 issue of Artful Blogging. Such a beautiful publication - worthy of an evening alone, soaking up all the beauty it offers. More on this once I finish the site... I have posts lined up .. just for you, I hope you'll join me there when the time comes.
  •  So happy with a recent interview  I did over at The Empty Easel. I talk a bit about building an online audience, time management & more.. go check it out.
  • I have 5 original paintings currently being exhibited at Princeton's ArtFirst! Exhibition, if you are nearby .. can you let me know? I'd love to get some photos of it.

I have a few more features coming out soon, and working on some deadlines for publications later this year .. but my biggest priorities are getting ready to move, moving, cleaning out inventory and finishing the new site... it's amazing how much energy those things alone take up. Balance, is what I am striving to learn and maintain. Susan & I have decided to postpone this week's {Echo} until next Wednesday... it's a great time to go through the past themes and join in on some of your favorites - it's never too late!  We'd love to have you as a part of it. ---> {Echo} Week 1 - Emerge ---> {Echo} Week 2 - Decorate ---> {Echo} Week 3 - Abundance ---> {Echo} Week 4 - Surprise ---> {Echo} Week 5 -Melody ---> {Echo} Week 6 - Face ---> {Echo} Week 7 - Whisper ---> {Echo} Week 8 - Juicy ---> {Echo} Week 9 - Illuminate ---> {Echo} Week 10 - Collection ---> {Echo} Week 11 - Blossom ---> {Echo} Week 12 - Dim Warmly, Chrysti