that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

Hey, you! Christy here. I am just SO very glad you stopped by! There are at least a bazillion photos, adventures and projects for you to DIY - so grab a cupppa whatever your vice is, and stay a spell!

Top 10 Finalists - Spot Color Instagram Challenge

Top 10 Finalists - Spot Color Instagram Challenge

Oh. My. Gosh.

Did y'all really have to make it so difficult to choose 10 finalists? Carl + I were ab-so-friggin-lutely blown away by the talent, creativity and sheer volume of(hello! thousands of entries!) submissions. I so, so, SO wish we could give each + every one of you a prize. Your photos continually inspire, motivate and often resonate within me. Words alone just can't express how much that means to me.

After spending hours looking through the magnificent entries, Carl + I decided upon these 10 photos as the #colorsplash_chrysti top ten finalists. Not, not, NOT an easy decision at all - in fact, it was extremely difficult! We tried to include a range of subjects + styles - and truly hope that you enjoy them as well. Feel free to shout out your favorites in the comments, i always love hearing from you.

Now, go grab your favorite beverage, a towel (in case a touch of drool begins as you scroll through the finalists) and crank up tunes that move you ...then enjoy the show below!

Finalist #1: IG User @clanz

I love the composition of this, the unexpected subject and how the color doubles as a leading line. It draws the eye right in - Kudos!

Finalist #2: IG User @katmein

Wow!!! Spectacular! This instantly grabbed not just my attention, but @carl 's attention too. Creative + beautiful. Perfect use of selective color!

Finalist #3: IG User @dawa_lhamo

What a wonderful play of shadow + light. The selective red coloring enhances the emotional connection to the viewer and adds instant drama to the shot. Add in the impact of the lines and it is just a brilliant piece.

Finalist #4: IG User @drexbear

We were actually torn between two photos you submitted! In the end though, the fact that you not just noticed but shared this everyday, ordinary beauty won out. It has a very wizard-of-oz-esque vibe to me. Awesomeness. Keep finding the beauty in the everyday!

Finalist #5: IG User @tzales13

OH those freckles! To die for! A perfect summer moment captured for eternity. The selective color on the watermelon pulls the focus to his face and emphasizes the joy of youth. Spectacular job.

Finalist #6: IG User @colr

I love, love, love how you took an all too common subject - and made it unique. Bonus points for the creative use of selective color! I am just happy looking at it. We had such a difficult time choosing between all of your entries, they were all exquisite!

Finalist #7: IG User @rameybean

I love the use of high-key here. The quality is incredible, and was one of the best eye entries in the challenge - it really stuck out! Light + bright always makes me feel good. Eye dig it. Sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun!

Finalist #8: IG User @aasyouwishh

Such a powerful photo, the spot color just magnifies that! I hope noone was hurt in that fire - the drama in this shot is breathtaking.

Finalist #9: IG User @dukes0445

What a unique take on a tourist attraction! I so love when folks find a new way to show something we've seen a thousand times before. Superb choice for using selective color.

Finalist #10: IG User @ledebone

Calgon, take me away! I'm oh-so-ready for a vacation. The selective color really emphasizes the curves and golden light in the photo. Well seen!


  • All 10 finalists will receive a limited edition, signed print of mine. Please contact me with your names + mailing addresses by 6/30/2012.

TOMORROW! The top 3 winners will be announced - they will be chosen by, so every finalist has an equal chance of scoring the loot!

Speaking of, here is a refresher on the treasure trove of prizes:

1st Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:

Thanks to MacPhun, the makers of FX Photo Studio, and now Color Splash Studio (IG: @colorsplashrocks) for sponsoring this challenge! I am also extremely grateful to all of the prize sponsors for the amazing giveaways - the generosity doesn't go unnoticed. Please, be sure to check out all of their feeds + products!

Pssssst.....If you were voting, who would it be for?

Til tomorrow,

Always, Chrysti

P.S. Did you know my book is available for pre-order? OMGOSH! How cool is that!

'Spot Color' Instagram Challenge Prize Winners!

'Spot Color' Instagram Challenge Prize Winners!