that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

Hey, you! Christy here. I am just SO very glad you stopped by! There are at least a bazillion photos, adventures and projects for you to DIY - so grab a cupppa whatever your vice is, and stay a spell!

Blog Tour + 4 Giveaways: Art at the Speed of Life

Blog Tour + 4 Giveaways: Art at the Speed of Life

So, I am now officially part of another best-selling mixed media book. Actually, I'm in not one, but TWO of the top three mixed-media books! ( Digital Expressions + Art at the Speed of Life )

Really, how friggin' awesome is that?

I think I need to break to go do (yet another) happy dance.

Remember when I interviewed Pam a few years back?

I couldn't be more honored. I am SO proud of my friend Pam for putting out such amazing content and equally as proud to be listed amidst some incredible company: Seth Apter, Lisa Bebi, Julie Bergmann, Laurie Blau-Marshall, Suzi Blu, Suzan Buckner, Brandie Butcher Isley, Cate Prato, Dawn Edmonson, Paulette Insall, Lisa Kettell, Nancy Lefko, Jodi Ohl, Sue Pelletier, Gail Schmidt, Sharon Tomlison, Glenda Bailey, Alisha Fredrickson and of course Pam Carriker

For the curious, my contributions to the book below:

  • I have a stepped out tutorial for my infamous textured backgrounds. (pg 14-18)
  • A very close to my heart, personal essay on art + healing and the importance of practicing creativity daily (pg 80-81)
  • My artography work is highlighted alongside the essay as well.
  • My hand-painted textures appear as the background on both the front & back covers.
  • My art illustrates the letter 'A' on the front cover
  • One of my mixed-media bird paintings is featured on the back cover.
  • Paintings of mine are shown on pages 8, 9, and 125

I've been hemming & hawing for days over what to tell you here. I thought about sharing my thoughts on pam's generous teaching style. The girl holds nothing back. Her enthusiasm for what she does is both obvious & contagious. Plus, she has mad artistic skills.

I debated on b e g g i n g you to help me convince Pam to tell us what planet she comes from - really, what human can can whip out QUALITY articles, original art, books, classes & teaching gigs at the speed she does? Between you & I, I am utterly convinced she's an alien. Or a superhero. C'mon, no human can possibly do what she does so well.

I thought about holding you up at gunpoint until you gave in and bought the darn book. But then I realized I don't own a gun, and frankly, the beds in prison don't look quite so comfortable.

So I settled on just telling you some of my honest thoughts on the book. You know, the kind of thoughts I'd share if I wasn't a featured contributor in it. With soooo many mixed media books hitting the shelves these days it can be overwhelming to pick which ones suit you... so I asked myself, What makes this book different than all the rest? Why should someone buy it?

The answers are actually simple.

Art at the Speed of Life is one of the only books out there that combines time management and realistic, accessible techniques for bringing art into your life. Pam's living proof it works. What magazine hasn't she been in this last year? (i'm telling ya, she's an alien. or a superhero. who knows which.). The book is woven in an easy to follow manner and jump starts you into a simple to make visual journal. Not just practical, but fun too! I'm a big believer in variety between a book's covers. This has it - and it has some new to me techniques (think toilet paper mache!)- guess I really haven't seen it all. Pam also indirectly covers an area where a lot of books fall short - she shows you time and time again how to make your piece cohesive. Sharon Tomlison's faces will make you drool faster than ummm... well, something that makes you drool really fast. No, really, they are to die for. The whole book is that perfect combination of eye candy & content. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

(L) 'Soul's Estate' (R)'Knowing' © Christy Hydeck

Since I'm SO excited, and SO in love with this book - I thought I'd mark this as a special occasion by offering up 3 of my best-selling prints that are featured in the book. One lucky winner will receive a large, 16"x20" print of soul's estate. A second winner will receive an 11"x14" artography print of knowing and a lucky third winner will score an 8" x 10" print of move among mysteries.

And if you haven't already guessed it - the book will also be given away.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour:





I thought I'd try something a bit different for this giveaway - a chance to earn extra entries:

  • Comment on this post for one entry.
  • Tell me your favorite tip in the comment for fitting art into your busy life for a second entry.
  • Follow me at twitter and tweet this exactly as I have bolded here for a third entry:
  • OMGOSH! I want to win! 'Art at the Speed of Life'  over @artbychrysti blog! Enter Here!
  • Blog about the giveaway and link to me ( )within your post for yet another entry.
  • If you are on Instagram, repost my announcement there and tag it #aasolgiveaway for another entry. Please @chrysti me too.

Do this all by March 17th, as the winner will be announced then - be sure to check back to claim your prize! BONUS!: If we exceed 100 blog comment entries, I'll personally purchase another copy and pick a second winner. If we top 200, I'll toss in another. Get the idea? Good!

Good luck to each of you!

Always, Chrysti

Sneak peek:There will be a few other giveaways coming up soon too.

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