that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

Hey, you! Christy here. I am just SO very glad you stopped by! There are at least a bazillion photos, adventures and projects for you to DIY - so grab a cupppa whatever your vice is, and stay a spell!

'Just' A Branch

'Just' A Branch

"to bend" - Branch at Yates Mill | Raleigh, North Carolina | © Christy Hydeck

 That photo there? I have a particular affection for it, and others like it.

"But Chrysti, it is just a branch."

Is it odd that I don't see 'just a branch'?

     ♥ I see a resting place for a weary bird whose travels took him a bit too far.

     ♥ I see a spring nest emerging ; cleverly crafted with the finest materials nature has to offer.. all for the sole purpose of birthing and sheltering their beautiful young and blessing us with the sweet sounds of their song.

     ♥ I see the glorious shapes and patterns that Mother Nature provides us; neverending  inspiration for our art.

     ♥ I see eventual spring blossoms coming forth... that not only honor a new season but show us true, raw beauty and gently remind us how life continually renews itself.

     ♥ I see a color palette for a future painting in a creative session that provides contentment, relaxation, and inspiration.

     ♥ I see symbolic reminders whispering to me... for it really is better to bend, than to break.

     ♥ I see the amazing patterns a spider weaves with its web and natures diamonds  that may arise when there is dew.

     ♥ I see a bounty of fruit growing, providing much needed nourishment for someone, or something in need.

     ♥ I see the power scarcity and simplicity hold and I am drawn to apply its attributes within my own life.

     ♥ I see a potential toy for a young puppy whose greatest wish is to play, run and enjoy the fresh air.

     ♥ I see a young couple in love sharing their first kiss under the shelter the branches provide.

     ♥ I see children creating their own Terebithias, kingdoms coming alive, imaginations heightened,    alternate worlds all just within their grasp.

     ♥ I see how the branch is indeed stronger intertwined with others, and how frail the lone one is without much support.

     ♥ I see the stories that branch will hold hundreds of years from now and how I will be just a small part of its memory. I revel that I am a part of all that I have seen, all that i do and THAT is the very thing connecting me to others and the world around me.

     ♥ I see evening ushering in, the golden, magical hour about to arrive - and all the visual delights that entails. Mothers tucking children into bed, a warm candlelit bath and crisp, freshly cleaned sheets that give slumber.

Life.It really is all about perspective isn't it?

What do you see?


Permission to Play

Permission to Play

Allow Your Soul Freedom

Allow Your Soul Freedom