that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

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Polka Dots a Plenty

Polka Dots a Plenty

Polka Dot Book - 17
Polka Dot Book - 1
Polka Dot Book - 11
Polka Dot Book - 9

 So, Remember my brimming excitement about the Polka Dot Book.. and how thrilled I was to be working with paper backgrounds, vs. my usual painted ones? Well, suffice it to say.. this project got the best of me.. and has left me with a few regrets.

“If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.” - Mercedes Lackey

I SO wanted to enjoy this book, and use all the potential that it held -- however, I failed at that. I'm not quite sure, just where exactly the trouble came in for me... If i had to guess? I'd say it boiled down to time -- I never enjoy cram sessions of art I 'have' to do ... and this project.. sadly.. became just that. The timing was bad, and in retrospect .. I should have realized my limitations.

I never feel good about things that I have rushed to do, especially when I know I could have done better. I'm the kind of person that isn't at all satisfied, with 'Good Enough'. I need to know at the end of the day that I gave something all I had... and worked to the best of my capabilities... to truly feel good about it.... and I dropped the ball here. I hope, my pages don't disappoint the other participants as well.

Polka Dot Book - 5
Polka Dot Book - 8
Polka Dot Book - 4
Polka Dot Book - 12

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”

-- Sydney Smith

If I had it do over (and I'd love to try a circle book again).. these are some of the things I would change.

Time: That's a given... I would have signed up for this, when I had the proper time to devote to the pages. Or I would use the time I had in a more productive way. This is one of the rare occasions that I believe designing one amazing page, and doing them all assembly style.. may have worked to my benefit.

My Comfort Zone: Oh how I wish I had realized the limitations of working outside of my comfort zone within a short time frame! Not only was the shape sumthin' unusual, but I used paper backgrounds vs. my almost infamous painted backgrounds. The result was a not so pretty visual that often left me with my mouth open wide, awkwardly staring at a blank page while cussing under my breath. I was simply, just unsure of where to go with them... unlike my painted backgrounds which often times tell me what they would like to become. That kind of work, is more a part of me.. where as this, lacked that warmth. If there's a next time, I'd stick with one lil discomfort zone, vs, several.

Thought: Until this project, I do not think I realized just how much of the allotted swap times I spend becoming inspired, and loosely planning my pages. I like a few months to simmer on the ideas.. then like a bolt of lightning.. BAM!... an idea hits and I sit down, and feverishly work through them. I think of the one thing I'd like to learn throughout the process, and apply that as well .. with this project, I didn't do that. Truth be told -- I was often thinking of everything else in my life that needed done -- and it shows within my pages. They are as scattered as my mind was-- blech

Polka Dot Book - 15
Polka Dot Book - 3
Polka Dot Book - 16
Polka Dot Book - 14
Polka Dot Book - 18

“Regret is insight that comes a day too late"

 So there you have it -- not my proudest display, but a genuine one. I've filed this into that lessons learned category within my brain. When I began my blog, I promised to share the good right along with the bad .. as we all have that range. Hope it was of help to someone.

 But alas, despite the gloomy feeling I was left with on my own work, I cannot wait to see the completed project!

 As always, I eagerly await your thoughts as well..


Polka Dot Book - 20
Polka Dot Book - 10
Polka Dot Book - 19
Polka Dot Book - 13
Polka Dot Book - 2
Polka Dot Book - 7

P.S. To see the backs of these pages .. click here to go to my Flickr Set for all the Polka Dot goodness you can muster.

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