that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

that day changed my life, i discovered a flat iron! { the hubby + i being our ridiculous selves. there is always laughter round these parts! }

Hey, you! Christy here. I am just SO very glad you stopped by! There are at least a bazillion photos, adventures and projects for you to DIY - so grab a cupppa whatever your vice is, and stay a spell!

Get Your Doodle On!

Get Your Doodle On!

“I have been doodling with ink and watercolor on paper all my life. It's my way of stirring up my imagination to see what I find hidden in my head. I call the results dream pictures, fantasy sketches, and even brain-sharpening exercises.” - Maurice Sendak

For as far back as I can remember, above my mother's kitchen table, hangs the most charming framed "sketch" that I've ever seen.. and she created it. I have always been madly in love with it (despite numerous attempts, pleas, and batting my baby blues -- my mother will not give it up -- feel free to send me an email to forward onto her, begging her to bestow this upon her devoted daughter!) A fabulous house, a darling snowman, an otherwise just beautiful winter scene .. a sky full of lines, and patterns that just pull you in.. I sat and stared at this through every meal, wanting to walk right into this world.

 <sigh> Mom, if you're reading this.. I really do want that picture, and I know what you'll say... but I refuse to wait until you die, because quite frankly it's not ever happening.

A Winter's Night
The Mask

So Sorry.. back to what I was saying...

You see, one of my fondest memories takes me through that wondrous time of being a small child, and lovingly gazing up at my mother, or grandmother as they spoke on the phone. I sat in utter amazement as they chit-chatted away .. (which was in my eyes, at the time, a seemingly very adult thing to do) all the while their hands with the aid of a simple pen made pure magic on a notebook, a pad of paper, a napkin, whatever was within reach -- as they mindlessly doodled.

It truly fascinated me, and I so, SO enjoyed the talent that they each possessed. I was convinced (and frankly still am) that my mother's creations (paintings & sketches as well) belonged in a museum. WOW! If these two talented women could mindlessly create such interesting scenes, textures, patterns, and beautiful lists .. imagine what would be if they set their minds to it. 

Butterfly Trail
A Poor Horse

And boy, did i ever, want to be them. To posses their skill, their vision, and quite simply I wanted to be all grown-up too. (Oh the naivety of a child!) I began doodling everywhere, in the shower as the mist covered the stall ... I attempted to doodle the lavish worlds I saw in my mind's eye... On paper, I would scribble hoping to make some of that "magic" I saw within the two women I most admired. As i grew older, I kept notebooks filled with quotes, simple drawings, and shapes... (my bedroom walls also bore the grunt of this obsession) filled with abstract patterns and textures... and i would genuinely lose myself within the process.

I LOVED that I had no boundaries. I absolutely loved that this was something just for me, that it wasn't something I would be judged upon. This, was freedom.

Creative License Excercise 1
Wildflower Love
Almost a Girl

Somewhere along the line, I sadly lost that passion. Amidst all the to-do's, responsibilities, and obligations we accumulate as adults I couldn't justify a simple act that served no real purpose. Boy, was I ever wrong.

 "For me, the joy of doing it is doodling when I want to. But if I had to do it, I'd lose the joy." -Matthew Ashford

View in a Different Light
Single, Pure Moment of Beauty

As 2007 rang in, I set a goal to give myself a much stronger, basic sense of sketching.. I am absolutely determined to lean how to draw. Going back to the basics, doodling, seemed the right beginning step.

I grabbed one of my gorgeous journals, dropped it into my purse, along with some Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, and toted it everywhere I went. Doctor's offices, the car, a coffee house, as I watch TV, wherever I have a few moments.. I doodle. I set aside time each week to sit down and sketch a tad more formally. I can honestly say, I am slowly seeing my once very poor drawing skills turn into a very raw, basic set of skills. Thrilling! 

The Finger
Breathe In Joy

 However, it's not the education I love, it's the freedom that I have now reclaimed that resonates within my soul. C'mon, how often do we truly do something, that's for ourselves, serves no purpose other then joy, and is an act that we will not be judged upon? It's priceless. I reap the benefits anytime I create, in how I look at things, and I feel the difference internally. It's amazing, how the simplest of acts, can free our minds so dramatically.

The photos throughout this post, are all pages within my doodle book.. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed creating them. I can't wait to look back at these a few years from now, and see how far I've come!

Folk HeART
Someday, I'll Draw a Cat

 Now it's your turn, find your own freedom -- get your doodle on, and if you are so inclined, drop by here.. and show me what you are doing!

Did I mention, to get you going.. I'm hosting a Get your Doodle On ATC Swap?

 Sign up by leaving a comment on this blog post, and I'll email you with the pertinent info. It'll be a 6/5 swap (host keeps one card), all originals ( NO Copies!) .. Due in my Hands no later then 5/30/07 ... Any theme, But needs to be a doodle, or sketch.. all levels of skill are welcome! Use sharpies, artist pens, markers, gel pens, pencil (seal it though), anything your heart desires!

Mission: Studio Organization: storing Collage Sheets, Magazines, and Books

Mission: Studio Organization: storing Collage Sheets, Magazines, and Books

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